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On 25 July, IOM Slovakia supplied TENENET, o. z., operating in the Bottova Assistance Centre in Bratislava with 500 hygiene kits for women, children and men in emergency situation that fled war in Ukraine and are in search for covering basic elements of their livelihood, including hygienic items.

Most of them left their homes in urgency with a few personal belongings and before coming to a country where they found a temporary refuge, they often ran out of their reserves.

TENENET is a non-governmental organisation whose consultants provide psychological and social counselling in a large-scale capacity Assistance Centre at Bottova in Bratislava, including provision of humanitarian aid. The NGO also operates two mobile teams that provide psychosocial counselling interventions in accommodation facilities in Bratislava and the surrounding area. It assists people with disabilities as well.

The large-scale capacity Assistance Centre in Bottova Street was opened in Bratislava in late March to help people from Ukraine. It is administered by the Bratislava magistrate in cooperation with state, non-governmental organisations and private sector, being able to serve initially up to 2,500 people a day. People can find information, health, legal, psychological and social aid, and apply for an allocation in material need and other benefits.

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IOM humanitarian aid provided in Slovakia for people from Ukraine since 24 February 2022

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