The European Migration Network (EMN) study Changes in Immigration Status in the Slovak Republic deals with a legal framework regulating possibilities for changes of immigration status of third-country nationals while staying in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Furthermore, you can find here the scope of rights which the applicants acquire during changes of their status in comparison to previous applications.

This study has been compiled by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Slovakia which is the coordinator of the National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN) for the Slovak Republic (SR).

On 23 March 2017, experts from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden and European Commission brought knowledge and experience with refugee integration during the conference in Bratislava on The Role of Municipalities in the Integration of Refugees which was organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as the coordinator of the European Migration Network (EMN) National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic.

IOM the Netherlands has launched a European digital platform to help employers, migrants and helping organisations improve labour market access of residence permit holders in the Netherlands, Slovakia and other seven EU member states: Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

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International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia offers educational materials for teachers, lecturers, and other professionals working with youth in the area of prevention of human trafficking or those coming into contact with potential victims of human trafficking.

Internation Organization for Migration (IOM) has developed a brief manual for teachers, lecturers and professionals working in the area of prevention. The manual introduces the application SAFE Travel & Work Abroad and provides simple instructions and activities on how to educate youth about human trafficking and safe travelling principles with the use of mobile phones, tablets or website.

In December 2016 and January 2017, IOM provided training courses to another 58 professionals in human trafficking prevention and in the use of mobile applications SAFE Travel & Work Abroad in their education activities about this phenomenon.

Between October and December 2013 IOM, in cooperation with its partners, resettled 120 refugees from the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Humenné to the United States of America. Out of these 120 refugees, 78 were resettled in November which is the highest number of refugees resettled in one month since the Centre was opened in August 2009. The ETC serves to accommodate refugees who found themselves in a difficult situation and were accepted into the program of humanitarian transfers. The refugees were evacuated to the Slovak Republic which provided them with a temporary shelter for a period of 6 months. In safe conditions of the Centre the refugees will complete all necessary preparations, after which they will be resettled to a country that accepts them and offers them an opportunity to start a new life.

International Organization for Migration (IOM), in cooperation with the Government of the Slovak Republic and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) organizes humanitarian transfer of another 33 Somali and Ethiopian refugees. The group consists of women and families with children who had to leave their homes due to ongoing conflicts and risk of persecution and fled to Yemen. They were granted international protection there and in May 2014 IOM transferred them to Slovakia which provided them with a temporary shelter. This is already a third group of refugees from Yemen, who were temporarily admitted to Slovakia based on the trilateral agreement between the Slovak government, IOM and UNHCR.

In November and December 2015 IOM transferred 17 refugees from refugee camps in the Middle East to Slovakia. The refugees are families with children and individual cases from Sudan and Ethiopia who had to leave their home countries due to threat of persecution and fear for their own lives. For a long time they got stranded in refugee camps without any hope of returning home. As a result, they were selected for resettlement to a third country which accepts them and gives them a new home.