IOM has been providing its services and couselling in Slovakia almost for 25 years. Look at this overview of its key activities and results in the brochure IOM Slovakia 1996 – 2021:

Cover – Brochure IOM Slovakia 1996 – 2021


Key milestones and facts about IOM in Slovakia in the period 1996 – 2021:




Slovakia becomes a member of IOM, based on which the IOM Office in Bratislava is established.




Programme to assist unsuccessful asylum seekers and foreigners without a residence permit in the Slovak Republic with their return home is established.

Photo - Assistance to migrants with their return home from Slovakia

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Opening of the IOM Sub-office in Košice.




Nationwide campaign to prevent trafficking in human beings.

Photo - Nationwide campaign on counter-trafficking

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A comprehensive programme of return and assistance to trafficked persons.



Opening of IOM Migration Information Centre in Bratislava and Košice.

Photo - Counselling and services of the IOM Migration Information Centre

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Providing reintegration support to migrants after returning from Slovakia to their country of origin with the assistance of IOM.

Photo - Assistance to migrants also after their return home

With the support of IOM, Yuliya returned home from Slovakia, completed a course and gained a new profession.

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Establishing of the National Helpline for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings 0800 800 818.




IOM becomes the coordinator of the European Migration Network (EMN) National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic.

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Research on migration and migration trends in Slovakia and on public attitudes towards migration in the Slovak Republic.

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The beginning of the humanitarian transfer of refugees through the territory of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the UNHCR and the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Photo -Humanitarian transfer of refugees through the territory of the Slovak Republic

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Launch of an educational programme to strengthen the intercultural skills of civil servants and public administration employees who provide services to foreigners.

Photo - Capacity building of experts in the field of migration

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International media competition Migrants in the Spotlight and educational workshops on migration for current and future media professionals.

Photo - Migrants in the Spotlight workshop for journalists

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Production of a documentary film entitled 0800 800 818 about victims of trafficking in human beings and associated risks.

Photo - Documentary film 0800 800 818 about human trafficking

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The first edition of the EMN Educational Seminar on Migration.

Photo - EMN Educational Seminar on Migration

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Research on causes, forms and consequences of violence against third-country nationals in the Slovak Republic.

Cover - IOM Research - Causes, forms and consequences of violence against third-country nationals in the SR

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Production of a documentary film entitled We Are Also at Home Here about the life of foreigners in Slovakia and educational materials about migration.

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Creation of a free mobile application Safe Travel & Work Abroad to assist in combatting human trafficking.

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Training and counselling services for employers about residency and employment of foreigners in Slovakia.

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Services and counselling to citizens of the United Kingdom on the registration of residence and other areas of life in Slovakia after the UK’s departure from the EU.

Banner - Services to UK citizens after the UK’s departure from the EU

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Development of a Labour Mobility Scheme for the Slovak Republic.

Cover - Labour Mobility Scheme for Slovakia

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