Unless otherwise stated, the following statistics of IOM Slovakia were updated on 31 December 2022.

Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations


Since 2004, IOM assisted 1,784 foreigners with their return back to 69 countries all over the world. Most of them returned to Moldova, China, Viet Nam, Ukraine and Iraq.


Since 2007, IOM has provided reintegration assistance to 370 foreigners worth of 541,045.49 EUR. It was mostly used for starting small business start-ups, for covering their basic needs, providing dignified living conditions and medical assistance. So far, IOM Slovakia has assisted individuals and families in 39 countries in the world this way.

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The Integration of Migrants

58 981

Since 2006, IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC) has provided complex integration counselling to 58,981 foreigners from more than 160 countries.


MIC provided its beneficiaries with 97,976 personal, e-mail or phone consultations in the principal areas of life in Slovakia, such as residence permit, employment, family, entrepreneurship, education, citizenship, etc.


Since 2006, the information and advice on different areas of foreigners' life and residence on the MIC web site has been looked up by 2,722,990 visitors.


Since 2006, MIC has published 9 multilingual information brochures and 16 Residence Fact Sheets, which help foreigners to navigate in the basic areas of foreigners' life in the Slovak Republic, such as residence permit, family, employment, entrepreneurship, education, citizenship, etc.


Since 2017 information for migrants on visa entry requirements to Slovakia and further information on type of residence needed for study, work or doing business in Slovakia has been searched in the MIC Visa Check application by 26,306 persons from 181 countries, mostly from Ukraine, India, USA, Russia and Serbia.


Since 2012, MIC has organized 29 One-Stop Shops in Bratislava and Košice. These are days of specialized counselling for foreigners from outside the EU/EEA, who can acquire complex and free of charge counselling at one place from the representatives of alien police departments, labour offices, health insurance companies and MIC consultants. The MIC services were used by 498 migrants from more than 30 countries.


Since 2011, the courses of Slovak language organized by MIC in Bratislava, Košice and other cities in Slovakia have been attended by 14,897 migrants and the courses of social and cultural orientation were attended by 4,219 migrants. Another 832 migrants received support for education or retraining course. By the implementation of these activities MIC supports foreigners to receive education or retraining, and increase their qualification and thus facilitates their integration into the society.


Since 2006, cultural mediators – representatives of foreigner associations and communities in Slovakia in cooperation with the MIC have carried out 229 multicultural and information meetings, with the participation of more than 15,163 people. By similar events the cultural mediators present the culture of their countries to the public, enhance social life of the communities and create a space for mutual interaction of the communities and the majority.


690 questionnaires of third-countries nationals and dozens of in-depth interviews with foreigners living in Slovakia were processed within the research of the experiences of migrants with violence and abuse in Slovakia, which was carried out by IOM from January 2012 to March 2013. This elaborated analysis served as a basis for the implementation of effective legislative, political and practical measures in order to prevent, detect, and combat the violence and solve its consequences.


Since 2010, more than 510 employees of state and public administration who work with foreigners in Slovakia have participated in the trainings and workshops of IOM on migration, intercultural skills and regional cooperation. The participants received skills in intercultural communication, knowledge of migration and integration of foreigners in Slovakia, which can be used in their work with foreigners and to strengthen cooperation between institutions.


Since April 2013, the documentary film We Are At Home Here was seen by more than 18,200 viewers on IOM Slovakia YouTube. The film has been presented at the International Documentary Film Festival One World 2013 with more than 400 viewers – students of primary and secondary schools and also further several thousand viewers during the public and school screenings in dozens of cities all over Slovakia. The documentary presents migrants and reality of migration in Slovakia through personal stories of foreigners from different countries and evidence-based data. The document constitutes to be used as a part of the IOM's educational materials on migration.

More information on: www.mic.iom.sk

Counter-trafficking in Human Beings


Since 2006, IOM has identified 213 victims of trafficking in human beings, of which 132 were women and 81 men. 162 victims have accepted IOM's help and entered the Programme of Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings and 128 received IOM assistance during their return to Slovakia. The victims who joined the Programme were given the opportunity to benefit from crisis intervention and reintegration assistance – services which help them return to everyday life. Until the end of 2014 IOM provided such assistance and support to 139 victims of trafficking.


From 1 July 2008 to 15 December 2014, the IOM staff has provided 7,420 consultations via the National helpline for victims of trafficking in human beings 0800 800 818. Through the helpline, they succeeded in identification and provision of assistance to 37 victims of human trafficking. Since 15 December 2014, the helpline 0800 800 818 was operated by the Slovak Crisis Centre Dotyk and since 1 September 2018 the helpline is operated by Caritas Slovakia.


Since 2008, IOM staff in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the SR, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the SR and the support of other donors organized and lectured at 172 educational events, where 3,102 professionals took part. These trainings are aimed at implementing trafficking prevention activities and at identifying victims of human trafficking.

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Resettlement of Refugees


Since 2009 IOM, in cooperation with its partners, transferred to Slovakia 1,026 refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan who had to flee their countries and were stranded in refugee camps in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Most the overall number of these refugees are families with children. For them resettlement is the only chance for a life in safe environment. The Slovak Republic provided these refugees with a temporary shelter on its territory, and during this time the refugees are accommodated in the Emergency Transit Centre (ETC) in Humenne. During their stay here they complete the needed preparation; afterwards they are transferred to countries that offer them a new home.


IOM already transferred 1,034 refugees from ETC in Slovakia to the country of final resettlement. Most of them were resettled to the USA, some of them found a new home in Canada, Norway and Sweden.

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European Migration Network (EMN) – National Contact Point for the SR


Since 2009, IOM as the coordinator of EMN activities in Slovakia, has published 65 publications including Annual Reports on Migration and Asylum and thematic studies on various topics of migration and international protection.


During the eight years of the EMN Educational Seminar on Migration, Slovak and foreign experts have delivered 115 lectures on international migration. Since 2012, the seminar has welcomed more than 550 participants mainly from the public administration and civil society.


EMN in Slovakia organised 15 public events – screenings of documentaries or movies on various migration related topics and discussion evenings, one also with a theatre play.


EMN in Slovakia provided answers to 1,105 Ad Hoc Queries. The EMN Ad-Hoc Queries represent a system on the basis of which the EU Member States and Norway exchange relevant information for the policy making, legislation drafting or for other strategic topics in the field of migration and asylum.

More information on: www.emn.sk

Training and Counseling on the Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia


Since January 2019, employees from 132 different companies and various institutions attended 15 IOM training sessions with practical information, best practices, case studies and real-life situations, as well as a detailed step-by-step guide on how to employ a foreigner and secure their residency in Slovakia. During this period, 30 employers benefited from IOM counselling services that were held held in person, by phone, or e-mail.

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