Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegrations

Financial problems forced him to leave his family and go abroad for work. However, due to invalid documents, he had to return home earlier than planned - without money, without work and at the outbreak of the pandemic.

Watch the story of Shota from Georgia and find out how he solved this situation and how IOM Slovakia help has changed his life.

Several years ago, Yuliya faced a situation when she found herself in Slovakia without accommodation, without a job, without savings, without valid documents and without any prospects.

Watch her story about her experience on how IOM Slovakia helped her during her stay in Slovakia and to return home to Ukraine. She explains why many migrants are afraid to ask for help and describes how she gained new skills and profession thanks to IOM´s reintegration assistance.

Mr. Minh left Vietnam in 2008 and he came legally to work in Slovakia. He was employed as a factory worker. In order to get this job, he ran up debts and when the factory closed down due to the crisis, he found himself in a hopeless situation and without any money for returning home. IOM covered the costs of his travel home and provided him with additional assistance which helped him start poultry farming and growing fruit.

Mr. Xuan Quynh lived in Slovakia for more than four years. He did not have legal residence permit in the country. IOM assisted him with his return home to Vietnam and provided him with the support which he used to expand a shop with mobile phones. The shop generates revenue that is sufficient for living of the whole family. With this help Mr. Xuan Quynh can live and work together with his relatives.

Ms. My left her native Vietnam and departed for Russia to help her sister. Ms. My lived in Moscow where she worked in a garment factory. Her cousin called her to come to Slovakia and promised to pay a higher salary to her. Ms. My crossed the Slovak border illegally and difficult life begun. Thanks to IOM assistance she could return home to Vietnam successfully and safely. After returning back, IOM supported her to rent a temporary accommodation for the first months so that she could have a place where she could live.

Mr. Vitalie left for work in Slovakia and lived here for two months illegally. He could not find any work and decided to return home with the assistance of IOM. After his return IOM provided him with support which helped him to expand his family's farm specialised in growing fruit trees seedlings. He sells cherry pear and apple seedlings in the marketplace in Chisinau. The IOM assistance allowed Vitalie and his family to gain an important source of income and a life with dignity.

Mrs. Alexandra left for Slovakia to make some money and pay back all of her debts. She lived and worked here for 13 years illegaly. She was detained by the police and threatened with deportation back home. IOM helped her return back to Moldova. IOM supplied her with the building material so Mrs. Alexandra could renovate her destroyed and uninhabitable house and has a place to live.

Brochure with information on the IOM Assisted Voluntary Returns (in Slovak, English, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese).

Poster with information on IOM Assisted Voluntary Returns Programme.

Brochure with information on the IOM reintegration assistance provided to migrants after their return home (in Slovak, English, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese).

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