In the field of migration, migrant integration, and counter-trafficking in human beings, IOM Slovakia supports policy development, strenghtens the capacity of experts, conducts research and information campaigns. In these activities IOM cooperates with government institutions, local municipalities, academic institutions, NGOs and experts.

Support for migration policies development

IOM is a member of the Inter-Ministerial Expert Committee for Labour Migration and Foreigners’ Integration of the MLSAF of the SR (MEKOMIC), a member of the Managing Committee for Migration and Foreigners’ Integration and a member of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings.

As a member of these committes and expert groups IOM contributes to policymaking, creation of national programmes and national reference mechanisms in Slovakia in the field of migration, migrant integration and trafficking. In these areas, IOM coordinates activities and initiates adoption of new measures in cooperation with partners from the government and third sector.

Capacity building of experts

In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic IOM builds the capacity of employees of the state administration in the prevention of human trafficking and assistance to trafficked persons.

Moreover, IOM delivers trainings on the prevention of human trafficking and identification of victims of trafficking for field social workers, employees of Centers of Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling and Prevention, children’s homes, re-education and low-threshold centers, and other professionals.

IOM trained more than 500 employees of the state administration, local authorities and non-governmental organizations who work with non-EU/EEA citizens. Trainings and workshops provided by IOM emphasized the strengthening of intercultural communication skills and knowledge of migration and migrant integration in Slovakia which they can use when working with foreigners and to enhance mutual cooperation between various institutions in providing services to foreigners.

Research on migration

IOM, in collaboration with experts and scholars from academia, conducted research on migration and migration trends, on public attitudes towards migration in the Slovak Republic, and on violence against non-EU/EEA citizens in the SR (all studies are available in Slovak language).

Awareness raising on migration

IOM carries out information campaigns together with domestic and foreign partners whose aim is to raise awareness on migration and migrants in Slovakia, to remove barriers between nationals and foreigners or to inform about the risks of human trafficking and about safe traveling and working abroad, for example:

Within a project SAFE – smart, aware, free, enjoy IOM in Slovakia, in cooperation with partners in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, launched a new mobile application SAFE. The application is designed especially for young people and it helps them not to become victims of human trafficking.

Within a project 0800 800 818 – Preventive Campaign Against Trafficking in Human Beings IOM in Slovakia together with partners in the Czech Republic and Poland carried out an information campaign Don’t Become a Slave! to help victims of human trafficking.

Within a project We Are At Home Here IOM Slovakia prepared and released a documentary film about the life of migrants in Slovakia together with didactic material, which introduce well-balanced and verified information on migration to the public and also serve as educational resource for teachers and lecturers.

As part of the international project Migrants in the Spotlight IOM in Slovakia, in cooperation with Milan Šimečka Foundation, held an international media competition on migration and organized trainings for current and future media professionals. These helped them to provide the public with high-quality media coverage through balanced information on migration.

Through an international project Next Door Family EU IOM in Slovakia united native families and those of foreign nationals in an original way through mutual lunches. Meetings of families held in seven European countries were filmed and the footage was used to create a documentary called Next Door Family.