At the Profesia Days job fair in Bratislava on 16–17 May 2023, numerous visitors seeking advice on work and employment for migrants in Slovakia benefited from the assistance of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and its Migration Information Centre (MIC).

Photo - IOM Slovakia stand with experts providng counselling at the Profesia Days 2023. Photo © International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2023.

As a part of Profesia Days, our IOM Slovakia stand served as a hub of knowledge and support for international visitors seeking guidance on navigating the Slovak labour market. Photo © International Organization for Migration (IOM) 2023.

Our team of experts provided valuable on-the-spot advice on:

  • job search,
  • training and upskilling opportunities,
  • recognition of education obtained abroad,
  • our comprehensive offering of free Slovak language courses,
  • free legal and labour counselling for migrants.

IOM Slovakia remains committed to empowering foreign workers, international talent and professionals, helping them find success in the ever-evolving job market. We are happy for everyone who visited our stand and received answers to their questions and grateful to be part of this special and particularly important festival of opportunities.

In case you missed IOM MIC at the event and are in need of help, please contact us. You, too, can benefit from free legal, social and labour counselling – find more contact details at the IOM Migration Information Centre website.

Read more in the IOM Slovakia newsletter about how the IOM Migration Information Centre is helping migrants succeed in the Slovak labour market.

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Migration Information Centre to Support Integration of Migrants in Slovakia (phase X, Individual Project). This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Home Affairs Funds.


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The activities of the IOM Migration Information Centre to support labour mobility and the integration of migrants within the framework of the Slovak Recovery and Resilience Plan are funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.