In the series of podcasts We Are Also At Home Here (Aj my sme tu doma) you will get to know several countries of the world through interviews with people who were born there and later decided to live in Slovakia. In addition, podcasts can be used, for example, in the education of high school students.

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In the new IOM Slovakia podcasts, our guests introduce India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Northern Macedonia and Ukraine and reveal interesting facts about their homeland, culture, customs and traditions, holidays or gastronomy. You will also learn what interesting object characterizes and reminds our guests of their homeland.

The podcasts were created by IOM Slovakia in collaboration with the C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School in Bratislava and its students, who ask our guests curious questions and find out themselves what they know about the guests’  countries of origin.

IOM Slovakia Podcasts page: https://iomslovakia.podbean.com.

Tips for podcast activities

For pedagogical staff, IOM Slovakia is offering recommendations for accompanying activities for work with podcasts and tips on how to use them in the global education of young people, for example, in the education of high school students: how to introduce the podcasts, how to use them to determine and expand the knowledge about different countries, how to lead a discussion about life in these countries and about migration and foreigners in Slovakia.

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Download the Tips for Accompanying Activities (in Slovak language).


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