The trainings’ participants appreciated receiving new information about human trafficking and practical knowledge they can immediately use in their work. Many of them assessed as very useful the opportunity to exchange experience and learn what is responsible shopping and how it is linked to human trafficking.

Trainings in Bratislava and Piešťany were attended by professionals working in human trafficking prevention – prevention workers of the police force, staff of the Ministry of Interior, staff of centres of pedagogical and psychological counselling and prevention and of non-governmental organizations, EURES workers, social or field workers.

Photo - IOM Training of trainers in the prevention of human trafficking, September 2021

Photo © International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The participants received information about the current trends in human trafficking and how the mobile application SAFE Travel & Work Abroad can be used in prevention work. They had the opportunity to try out many activities and together with the training manual Prevention of Human Trafficking they obtained other useful sources they can easily use in their daily work. For the first time the topic of responsible shopping was introduced explaining how it can help us prevent the exploitation of workers abroad.

95 percent of participants appreciated they had plenty of opportunities to exchange experience with other attendees. Others identified as very beneficial the presented group activities and ways they can be used in their work. The participants also positively assessed the introduction of responsible shopping, as well as practical tips on how to work with the mobile application SAFE.

These trainings of trainers build upon the activities of IOM Slovakia in educating and capacity-building of organizations and professionals in the field of prevention of human trafficking. Since 2003 IOM lecturers provided 148 trainings to 2 648 professionals in the field of prevention of human trafficking, identification of and assistance to victims of human trafficking.

Trainings were organized within the regional project SAFE Work and Travel – Prevention of Human Trafficking in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland implemented by IOM Slovakia in 2020 – 2021 in cooperation with La Strada organizations in Czech Republic and Poland.

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The project was funded by the International Visegrad Fund.