How Not to Become a Victim of Human Trafficking? IOM trained 87 professionals

IOM Slovakia provided training to another 87 professional practicioners who are working with vulnerable groups of population. Trained professionals are able to teach individuals and groups how to recognize the risks of human trafficking, how to avoid them and what to do in a crisis situation.

Photo - In March 2019, IOM trained another 87 professionals in prevention of human trafficking

In March 2019, field social workers, community center workers, employees of orphanages, Centers of Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling and Prevention, teachers, preventionists from the police corps, and other professionals participated in four basic and follow-up trainings of trainers that were conducted in Košice and Piešťany.

This training program enhanced the knowledge and skills of participants with new educational methods about trafficking in human beings and how to make learning interesting with interactive activities, employing the mobile application SAFE Travel & Work Abroad and the training manual Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings.

Participants in the follow-up trainings benefited from the opportunity to exchange their contact details for further cooperation and for sharing their valuable experience in prevention of human trafficking.

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