6th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Causes and Consequences of Forced Migration

On 22 – 24 August 2018, International Organization for Migration (IOM), the EMN coordinator for Slovakia, organised the 6th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration in Bratislava for more than 70 representatives of government and public administration, non-profit sector and academia.

Photo - 6th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration, August 2018

During the EMN seminar entitled Causes and Consequences of Forced Migration, experts from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Kenya, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom gave presentations on following topics:

  • Migration myths and data based migration policy-making;
  • Migration governance and future scenarios of international migration;
  • Current migration development – perspective from countries of origin;
  • Vulnerabilities and human rights of migrants;
  • Environmentally induced migration;
  • Labour migration and the risks of modern slavery.

You can listen to podcasts (audio) and see presentations from lectures here.

Photo - Scenario Exploration System Board Game during the 6th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration, August 2018

A new feature of this year's seminar was the Scenario Exploration System board game. Participants could find themselves in the role of policy makers, public, business, or non-profit sector, and had a chance to influence and create possible scenarios of future labour migration developments based on the country's needs.

The programme included also a discussion evening Migration Caused by Climate Change combined with the screening of a new documentary film Anote's Ark followed by a discussion with experts on impacts of climate change on migration.

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