Emre´s story from Georgia begins in 2015, when he received scholarship at the university in Bratislava. After his arrival to Slovakia he started to learn Slovak language and prepare for his study.

The scholarship, even with the occasional part-time jobs, could not cover his living costs. His complicated financial situation was solved by his parents who decided to sell their car.

Because of the language difficulties Emre could not successfully complete his studies. With the end of his study his residence permit expired as well and moreover, he remained without any funds. He contacted IOM and it helped him to return home to Georgia and offered him reintegration assistance after his return.

Emre decided to use the help for purchasing a car and expanding services of a hostel in Kutaisi that was run by his parents. Emre was aware of the great potential in tourist services and he began to use the car not only for airport transfers, but also for sightseeing trips around the city. With the help of IOM he expanded the services of the hostel that got more attractive among tourists and Emre gained steady income.

Emre From Georgia: A Good Idea Gave Me a Job, I Do Not Need to Search For It Abroad

"I don´t need to think about going abroad for better job opportunities. I have a job at home that I enjoy and the whole family lives from it," says Emre happily. Emre has even more ideas on how to make the best of the purchased car and he is thinking about organizing multi-day tours for larger groups of tourists across Georgia.

Learn more about how IOM helps migrants before and after their return home from Slovakia: www.avr.iom.sk.

(Names of persons have been published with their consent. / Names have been changed for protection reasons.)

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