Kateryna, IOM Slovakia consultant

As a Ukrainian living in Slovakia, I was completely appalled when I heard about the Russian attack on Ukraine on the morning of 24 February 2022. Ever since then I felt like it was my responsibility to help my country in any way I possibly could.

Kateryna, IOM Slovakia consultant - Why it is important for me to assist people from Ukraine

After refugees began to enter Slovakia, I started volunteering at border crossing points and reception centers, so joining IOM was a logical next step in my journey to help people.

At IOM I provide information and legal counselling to people fleeing Ukraine, I also help them with transportation – finding a bus or calling a taxi. I try to provide support in the cases where I am competent enough to do it.

It is important for me to do this job, because as a citizen of Ukraine and as a human being as well, I feel the responsibility for helping those in need, especially when I have the ability to do it.

When people first arrive in Slovakia, they are often lost and scared, so even hearing their native language helps them to feel more comfortable. I also think that the informational support that I provide helps the people feel more secure and make their further decision with a greater precision. Besides, at my work I also collect the data about the needs of the people arriving from Ukraine, so that can also help them receive the support they need.

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