Come and see the film Stranger in Paradise, a powerful story about migration to Europe, about hope and disillusion. The only screening of this film in Slovakia in 2019 will take place on 11 December at 18.00 in Kino Lumière in Bratislava. It will be followed by a discussion with guests from Nepal, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Entry to this event is free.

Free tickets for this event can be picked up in the cinema from Monday 9 December 2019 during the opening hours of the Kino Lumière box office.

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Film screening

The protagonists of the film Stranger in Paradise, who arrived in Europe after a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean, meet with a mentor. He represents the different attitudes of Europeans towards migrants. In each of the three acts, he confronts their expectations with the different responses awaiting them in Europe – ignorance and rejection, empathy and understanding, the official rules and restrictions.

Who gets the chance to live in Europe? What decides about entering the European “paradise”?
Do we have the power to shape the conditions that determine the future of others?

Film Stranger in Paradise (73 min.) will be screened with English and Slovak subtitles.

Film trailer:


After the film, there will be a discussion with three interesting guests – the owner of the first Nepalese restaurant in Bratislava, a Kazakh graduate from the faculty of management who decided to stay in Slovakia after completing her studies, and a successful health oriented startup founder from Ukraine.

  • What brought them to Slovakia?
  • What were their expectations before coming and what reality awaited them here?
  • How did the Slovaks accept them?
  • What has changed in their lives by staying in another country?

About the event

The event Stranger in Paradise is organized by the IOM Migration Information Center within a series of events entitled We Are At Home Here.

Screening of this film is a part of the Global Migration Film Festival 2019 in Slovakia.


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Migration Information Centre to Support Integration of Migrants in Slovakia (phase IX, Individual Project). This project is co-funded by the European Union from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Home Affairs Funds.