Data as of 25 May 2022 – Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, IOM has provided support and immediate assistance to affected populations arriving in Slovakia including Ukrainian refugees and Third Country Nationals (TCNs).

UPDATED on 26 May 2022: The IOM Slovakia Migration Information Centre prepared basic information on conditions of employment in Slovakia for refugees, temporary refuge holders or asylum seekers from Ukraine. Information is available in Ukrainian, English and Slovak language as a leaflet or an online article on the IOM MIC website.

This article is available in English, Ukrainian and Slovak language

IOM, in cooperation with Airbnb.org, offers free and private accommodation to Ukrainian or a third country nationals who fled the war from Ukraine to Slovakia after 24 February. Any individual or family can request assistance with temporary accommodation.

On 23 May 2022, in response to the ongoing influx of people that fled war in Ukraine and their fundamental needs, IOM delivered 135 hygienic kits from its warehouse in Kosice to the Michalovce large scale registration centre for their immediate distribution for people in need from Ukraine. On a daily basis, Michalovce Registration Centre still assists dozens of them.

Geneva – More than eight million people are internally displaced in Ukraine due to the war, and a further 6.5 million have fled to safety across international borders. In response, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is scaling up the use of its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) tool to better understand mobility dynamics in the region and strengthen the Organization’s crisis response.

Kateryna, IOM Slovakia consultant

As a Ukrainian living in Slovakia, I was completely appalled when I heard about the Russian attack on Ukraine on the morning of 24 February 2022. Ever since then I felt like it was my responsibility to help my country in any way I possibly could.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and its Migration Information Centre (MIC) opened their stand on 18-19 May 2022 in Bratislava at the Profesia Days job fair. IOM MIC provided its services and information to dozens of people in Slovak, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

From the very first days of the conflict in Ukraine, a team led by Mária Jackulíková from the St. Elisabeth’s University of Health and Social Work provide inevitable medical assistance to people fleeing war in Ukraine and entering Slovakia at the Vyšné Nemecké Point of Entry.

IOM Regional Ukraine Response – Situation Report #19 / 19 May 2022:

8.02 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine; 6.36 million refugees have fled Ukraine; 249,411 third country nationals have arrived in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova; 514 million USD funding requirement.

On Sunday 8 May, First Lady of the United States Jill Biden visited Eastern Slovakia. At the beginning, she went to the Košice Hotspot where on a daily basis the IOM staff provide information and counselling for people from Ukraine who search for a safe refuge in Slovakia.