The EMN activities in general and in 2018 can be divided into the following main areas:

Exchange of information through EMN ad-hoc queries system

The ad-hoc queries system serves the EMN National Contact Points and the European Commission in order to quickly obtain information on migration and international protection topics, such as e.g. legal migration, irregular migration, borders, returns, visas etc. Responses to ad-hoc queries are compiled into comparative compilations of all the responses from the EU Member States and Norway. The compilations are published in thematic categories on the EMN central website.

Preparation of studies, policy briefs and annual reports on policies

The EMN focuses on collecting, analysing and providing the existing information and data. Every year it prepares the Annual Reports on Migration and Asylum, which describe the most important developments of the policies and legislation, on-going public debates about migration and asylum in the respective Member States and at the EU level and provide an overview of selected statistical data. The EMN also prepares studies and policy briefs on topics specifications of which are set by the European Commission in cooperation with EMN National Contact Points (NCPs) based on the relevance of topics to policy-makers at national and European level. Based on the national reports and studies prepared by the EMN NCPs the European Commission prepares synthesis reports which summarize the main findings.

In 2018, the EMN is working on the following studies and annual reports*:

  • Labour market integration of third country nationals in the EU Member States
  • Impact of Visa Liberalisation on Countries of Destination)
  • Attracting and retaining international students and researchers in the EU
  • Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2017

* The titles of the studies are preliminary.

Preparation of EMN Informs

The EMN Informs are focused on a particular issue and contain key findings and conclusions from reports, studies or EMN ad-hoc queries for policy-makers.

Preparation of quarterly EMN Bulletin

The EMN Bulletin informs about actual situation, outputs and statistics in the fields of migration, integration and international protection at EU and Member State level.

Extension of EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary

The EMN translation and expository Glossary in 23 European languages including Slovak presents terms and definitions on migration and international protection from various sources, particularly those which are contained in the EU acquis. Glossary is available online in several languages including English containing more than 450 terms which are regularly updated. The last edition of the Glossary, also available in the printed format,was released in October 2014.

EMN Return Expert Group

In 2014, the Return Expert Group (REG) was established within the EMN structure with the aim to exchange information and good practice between the European Commission, the EU Member States and Norway in the area of returns and reintegration of irregular migrants in their countries of origin after return. The group took over the agenda of the Voluntary Return European Network (VREN).

EMN Statelessness Platform

The EMN Statelessness Platform established on 20 May 2016 based on the Justice and Home Affairs Council conclusions. This platform intends to bring the exchange of information and good practices, raise awareness regarding this phenomenon and to bring all the relevant stakeholders in the field together.

Immigration Portal

The EMN also supports and contributes to the updates of the EU Immigration Portal. Portal provides practical information to third-country nationals wishing to work, study, do research in the EU or reunite with ones family in the EU.

Networking on national and international level

Within this agenda the EMN regularly organises various events with the expert and the lay public (in the Slovak Republic for instance conferences, expert and educational seminars, working breakfasts, presentation meetings). At international level the EMN cooperates also with international organisations, agencies and other institutions working in the area of migration and asylum. Among these are the EU agencies – EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and FRONTEX as well as Eurostat, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD) and European Integration Network (EIN).

During 2018 the EMN National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic plans to hold number of expert meetings (e.g. with the representatives of the Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Bureau of Border and Alien Police of the Police Corps Presidium, etc.), working breakfasts and the EMN educational seminar. At international level the Slovak Republic will participate in regular coordination meetings in Brussels organised by the European Commission, as well as in cluster meetings and conferences organised by the National Contact Points in other EU Member States.

Regular and updated information on the EMN activities in the Slovak Republic can be obtained through EMN e-newsletter or through the website

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