Within this project, the International Organization for Migration, in cooperation with European Commission, provides technical support to the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic in the area of labour migration and supports the Ministry in development of Labour Mobility Scheme for the SR (hereinafter referred to as „Scheme“).

The Scheme was built upon the Strategy for Labour Mobility of Foreigners in the SR adopted by the Slovak government in 2018. The main objective of the Strategy is to streamline the recruitment of the non-EU/EEA nationals, especially in the professions with labour shortages. Scheme also reflects the adopted Recovery and Resilience Plan of Slovakia, mainly the component focused at attracting the necessary workforce from abroad.

The Scheme includes the measures, which will:

  • decrease the administrative burden for the state authorities, foreigners and employers,
  • accelerate the processes and entry of foreign employees into the labour market,
  • support the systematic, transparent and predictable decision-making of the state authorities,
  • streamline the system and connect all the procedures into harmonious whole,
  • support active participation of social partners.

These measures aim to streamline and accelerate the access of foreign employees to the Slovak labour market, contribute to the effective labour migration policy in Slovakia, improve attractiveness of the Slovakia for foreign workers, help foreign workers to integrate into society and support their return to their country of origin.

The Scheme was developed in close cooperation with experts from relevant state administration bodies, employers’ associations, trade unions, local authorities, professionals and other experts from Slovakia and abroad.

Measures proposed in the Scheme are evidence-based. The research included:  

  • analysis of the current legal framework and national policies governing labour migration in Slovakia,
  • analysis of the labour market in Slovakia,
  • analysis of selected labour mobility schemes in other EU member states, countries of origin and successful frameworks for facilitating labour mobility,
  • analysis of the fiscal impacts of labour migration,
  • evaluation of qualitative interviews with the employers and representatives of state and regional administration,
  • evaluation of the survey targeted at foreign workers from outside the EU/EEA.

The Labour Mobility Scheme for the SR is an expert document which aims to provide guidance.

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The project is funded by the European Union through the Structural Reform Support Programme and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the European Commission.